Benefits of hot water recirculating systems: Faster hot water to where you need it, more efficient, and less wasted water. There are multiple ways to set up a recirculating system for your hot water lines but this picture shows a very efficient way to set it up using a tankless water heater and a dedicated line back to the water heater. The recirculating pump pulls A recirculating system can be set up almost anywhere even if you don’t currently have a recirculating pipe, and a system can be set up for almost any budget. Call us at 209-743-9821

Hot water recirculating and insulation can save money because heat isn’t lost through the pipes and less water is wasted waiting for hot water to arrive.

Hot water is pumped through your hot water line and back to the water heater, decreasing wait time for hot water. Many times hot water can be had within 10 seconds to most fixtures.

The water that’s in hot water lines doesn’t cool off if the recirculation is on so the next use of hot water is still warm. This helps when adding water to a bath, the next person comes in to take a shower, the dishwasher draws more water to rinse etc. It is especially noticeable with a tankless water heater because it helps control fluctuations in water temperature.