5 Tips for Sonora Plumbing Repair

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Sonora plumbing repair can cover a wide range of topics like: water line leak repair, repairing a broken toilet, repairing a broken or leaking drain, repairing a broken sink, or a leaking faucet, water heater repair, garbage disposal repair, or fixing frozen pipes, but in this post our Sonora, Ca plumbers will give you 5 tips that will help prevent plumbing problems, or make them easier to repair if needed.

Sonora Plumbing Repair Tip #1   Learn where emergency shutoff valves are. Nothing is worse than having water flooding your home, and not knowing how to shut it off. Learn where shutoff valves are before hand. There should be a shutoff valve by your water meter, and one closer to your home or even inside for easier access. If you don’t have a good shutoff valve call Optimized Plumbing & Piping at 209-352-4294  to install a new dependable ball valve before you have an emergency.  Also you should make sure what fixtures are shutoff with the valve since there is a possibility of having more than one valve to shutoff the entire home.

Sonora Plumbing Repair Tip #2  Make sure each fixture has it’s own shutoff valve.  Also if the fixtures have flex lines to the fixture they should be periodically checked and replaced because they don’t last forever. The angle stops might need to be replaced periodically as well because eventually they will stop working, and could even start dripping causing rotten cabinets and sub floors or even cause mold growth.

Sonora Plumbing Repair Tip #3  Don’t pour grease and oils from cooking down drain lines. Many clogged drains are caused by pouring grease down the kitchen sink. The grease or oil starts as a liquid when it is hot but solidifies when it cools off in the drain. The same can happen with a dishwasher drain hose if greasy dishes or pans are put in without cleaning them off first. This normally causes a dishwasher full of water after the cycle should be complete. Do yourself a favor and pour grease in a coffee can and put  it in the garbage to avoid paying for a plumber to unclog your drain lines.

Sonora Plumbing Repair Tip #4  Plant trees away from drain lines (especially ones with invasive roots).  Many people don’t consider drain line locations when planting trees in their yard.  This is a mistake because roots can find their way into drain lines which causes blockages.  These can be cleared out temporarily but many times the drain will have to be dug up and replaced. This entails digging up any landscaping in the way, and the roots of the tree infiltrating the waste line.

Sonora Plumbing Repair Tip #5  Maintain plumbing and keep in good condition to avoid costly emergency work.  Many people leave their plumbing unchecked for long periods, and don’t think about it until they have a plumbing emergency.  Some people will even notice a small water leak and not have it repaired until it becomes a major leak and causes damage. Leaks don’t normally fix themselves, and the most cost effective time to fix them is when they are first noticed.

Sonora Ca Plumbers from Optimized Plumbing & Piping can be scheduled for any plumbing repair work or to replace and update your plumbing fixtures. We can also show you new options for water heating that can save you a lot of money on utility bills. Call us today at 209-352-4294

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