Hydronic heating / radiant heating options


Hydronic heating is an option that many consumers are never introduced to. The benefits include the capability to heat your entire home, and your domestic hot water. Many hospitals, casinos, hotels, schools, and colleges use hydronic heating in different ways but it’s also available to homeowners. The benefits of hydronic heating include the efficiency (transferring heat to water is more efficient than transferring heat to air, also the heat source can be located outside of the building without becoming inefficient. For any questions, or to schedule an appointment to discuss your hydronic heating needs cal us at 209-352-4294.

There are benefits of hydronic heating  including:

1) Radiant coils in flooring.

2)Wall Radiators, or baseboard radiators

3) Fan Coils

4) Air Handlers

Below we will describe the benefits of each.

1) Radiant coils in flooring (Radiant Heating)

Normally more suitable for new construction since they must be laid under flooring. A  problem with this method is the amount of time it takes to change the temperature in your home. It is increased because it takes longer to heat up your entire floor, and the coils in it, it also takes longer to cool down so you may find yourself opening windows on warmer California winter days to let some of the heat out.

2) Wall radiators or baseboard heaters

Use water heated by a hydronic boiler to heat rooms. They can easily be installed in existing homes, and provide comfortable radiant heat.

3) Fan Coils

Used like a forced air heater but will normally serve smaller rooms instead of a whole building. They are used to avoid running duct all over the house, or where duct normally won’t fit. Water can carry much more heat than air can so 1/2 copper pipes can carry enough heat to heat entire rooms. Air is blown past coils that are heated by the water and that warm air is blown into the room. This is very convenient because the temperature can be easily controlled.

4) Air Handlers

Air handlers are like big fan coils but are used for heating larger areas, and ducting is normally run to all of the areas. Think of it like this a fan coil can be used for part of your house, and an air handler could be used for your whole house, or building.

Optimized Plumbing & Piping holds both California C-4 license , and C-36 license for doing your entire hydronic system including domestic hot water. We also provide central valley piping service, plant piping, winery piping, and process piping. We employ certified pipe welders and brazers for any piping need. We set pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, or any other piece of equipment that is connected to piping. Call Optimized Plumbing & Piping today at 209-743-9821

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