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As you can see the outside of the pipe looks ok but the inside of the pipe is very corroded, and clogged with deposits, and rust.
As you can see the outside of the pipe looks ok but the inside of the pipe is very corroded, and clogged with deposits, and rust. This shows you why a copper repipe can be a good idea.

In this post Sonora, Ca plumbers from Optimized Plumbing and Piping discuss the benefits of a copper re-piping. Many consumers do not know the value and importance of replacing the piping systems in their home. This article will walk you through the benefits, and give you some suggestions on pipe materials to use and features to look for that are right for your home. Too many times consumers see a huge water leak as the first sign of a pipe that needs to be repaired, or a plumbing system that needs to be replaced. But much of the damage has happened long before this. There are many homes in Tuolumne County, and Calaveras County  that have old galvanized water pipes that need to be replaced.  These pipes start rusting and corroding from the inside so the outside looks perfectly good but the inside of the water pipe that the water touches is completely corroded or sometimes even mostly blocked with deposits. You can see a good example of this in the picture at the top of the article. This picture was taken of a galvanized pipe coming out of an electric hot water heater taken out of a Groveland, CA residence. The inside of the hot water heater was equally corroded. Both the cold water pipes and hot water pipes looked the same and it’s hard to imagine getting your drinking water from these pipes without first running it through a water filter. At some point you will experience pipe leaks, low water pressure, low water flow, dirty/ rusty water, high water bills because of hidden pipe leaks, sediment build up, or other problems.

A lot of times when a plumber attempts to fix the leak he actually causes another pipe leak, or even completely crushes the pipe because it is so corroded. By scheduling re-piping with copper piping ahead of time  you can save yourself money on emergency plumbing repairs. When giving a plumbing quote many plumbers will use the cost of pex pipe because it is a cheaper material, and unskilled plumbers can install it. Copper piping takes more skill to install correctly.  However, copper piping is the gold standard of water pipe. You have to think of the cost over the lifespan of the copper pipe which is 50 years. If the cost for the entire job was $2500 for pex compared to a well done copper piping job at $3500 to re-pipe your home the cost equals about $20/ year for the lifespan. Coupled with the added benefits available with a copper piping system the cost is very small.

Water pipe system features: A good Sonora, Ca plumber like Optimized Plumbing & Piping will take into consideration plumbing improvements that can be made while they re pipe the home. Some of these improvements could include: running more direct lines for hot water pipes which would cut down on the time it takes for you to get hot water to the plumbing fixtures in your home. Another thing to consider is insulating pipes to prevent frozen pipes, and to keep the hot water pipes hot. This will also help your hot water heater be more efficient. This is also a good time to add heat traps to your water heater to help it avoid losing heat, but this is not an issue with a tankless water heater. A recirculating line with a recirculating pump is another option to consider when re-piping a home. This creates a loop in your hot water pipe , the pump will come on and circulate hot water through out your home to cut down on the time you wait for hot water. This can truly create instant hot water at your faucet.

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