Using hydronic piping system in Sonora, CA

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In addition to space heating hydronic boiler systems are also useful for heating domestic hot water. There  are 2 common ways to heat domestic water with radiant heat.

1) Hydronic Boiler, heat exchanger, and storage tank.

This method keeps two seperate  piping systems, one is the hydronic piping system that is usually filled with a glycol solution, the second is the domestic hot water system. The boiler heats water in the hydronic piping system which is pumped to move through a heat exchanger. The domestic water also flows through the heat exchanger but is isolated from the glycol solution in the hydronic system. As the water moves through the heat is transferred from the hydronic system to the domestic hot water. The heated domestic water is then stored in a tank for later use. The heat exchanger can be in the storage tank, on the storage tank, or completely seperate but the principle is still the same.

2) Combi Boiler

A combi- boiler is almost the same as a high efficiency tankless water heater but it also has the ability to heat hydronic water to be used in space heating. These can be found with efficiency around 95%, and can cut out some of the electricity used by pumps that are needed in the storage tank systems.

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