Plumbers in Sonora California : How much do they charge?

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For our Plumbers in Sonora, California the 1st question  we normally get asked is” How much do you charge for a service call?” In this post we will answer that question.

It is very hard to answer pricing questions over the phone because there are so many variables. For example:  when called to repair a water heater many times the water heater can’t be repaired, and sometimes when it could be repaired you are still better off replacing it especially if you have not had regular maintenance or water heater repairs done. This is because the average water heater lifespan is 10-12 years. Most of the time over the phone the customers can’t tell us how old the water heater is, or exactly what problem they need us to fix. This is why we don’t give prices over the phone.

What we do is send  qualified plumbers in Sonora California to your home to diagnose what the problem is for $39.99. This price normally doesn’t even cover the cost incurred on our end for sending a trained Sonora plumber, or Modesto plumber to show up at your door, and take the time to diagnose the problem, and present options and prices for fixing the problem.

We provide this service to our customers instead of giving low prices over the phone to get the work, and then coming out and charging money that you weren’t expecting to pay. We feel that this is the most fair way to treat our customers, and give accurate and fair prices. In addition to this as we present different options we tell you how much each will cost, and give you the price for the work before we start the job.

This is unlike traditional time and material pricing where you start paying once the plumber arrives, and don’t stop paying until they are done (no matter how many times they run for parts) We think customers will find value and fairness in our method of pricing.

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