• Radiant is very efficient and considered by many to be the most comfortable type of heating
  • Estimated 30% of energy is lost through duct work, and ductwork is not needed with radiant heat
  • Keeps heat closer to where people can feel it (not at the ceiling)
  • Quiet – you can’t hear it operate
  • No registers in walls or floors
  • Doesn’t blow allergens around the home.
  • Fan coils can be added to boiler system for faster heat
  • Service area for boilers and radiant heat: most of Northern CA, including Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, Monterey Bay, and the SF Bay Area.

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Boiler & Radiant Heat installation
Complete design services

High efficiency condensing boiler with custom cast iron radiators to keep with the theme of the house.

High efficiency condensing boiler replacement with Alfa series pump and two zones.