• Mini splits use high efficiency heat pumps to heat and cool
  • Can be installed as a single unit, or in multiple rooms
  • Most mini splits are ductless and eliminate the need for duct work that can lose up to 30% of the energy from a system.
  • Adjusts automatically to maintain better comfort
  • Room by room preferences allowing you to select the temperature of each room so you don’t have spots that are too hot or cold. Rooms not in use can be turned off.
  • Up to 40% more efficient
  • Zero emissions
  • Renewable energy- heat pumps don’t create heat, they transfer heat from inside the building to outside in summer and from outside to inside in the winter.
  • Full heating capacity down to -5 degrees F
  • A great way to utilize solar. If you have solar or are planning on getting solar panels an electric heat pump is a great way to utilize the energy your panels create.
  • Up to 30% federal tax credits available…ask about getting on our contact list for upcoming and additional rebates!
  • Financing available through state of california go green financing

Ask us about manufacturer’s rebates and federal tax credits!

** Lower than market financing available **

Mini split heat pump