• Unlike a hybrid electric water heater a split system heat pump water heater takes heat from outside
  • Reduce energy consumption drastically 
  • Up to 120 gallon capacity (most hybrid water heaters are up to 80 gallon capacity)
  • Does not cool the air inside the building, and inside of building minimum air volumes don’t apply
  • Good option when there is not enough air volume available for a hybrid electric water heater
  • Financing available through state of california go green financing
  • A great way to utilize solar. If you have solar or are planning on getting solar panels an electric heat pump is a great way to utilize the energy your panels create.
Split System Heat Pump Water Heaters

Many people compare heat pump technology to a refrigerator, working in reverse.  Moving or transferring heat instead of generating heat is significantly more energy efficient. When comparing this to even the best high efficiency gas furnace, which has a 95% efficiency rating, the heat pump technology can drastically lower the energy we use for in home heating while reducing the demand for fossil fuels. These units work great in colder temperatures.  Some split system heat pump water heaters can effectively generate hot water even when outdoor winter temperatures drop to -25o.

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