Plumbers in Sonora CA give fall plumbing maintenance tips


With these plumbing maintenance tips from Sonora, Ca plumbers at Optimized Plumbing & Piping fall is a good time to check on parts of your plumbing that may have been forgotten over the long summer. Sonora has cold enough winters to freeze pipes, and valves, and while the valley is more mild, freezing temperatures in Modesto, and Merced can still cause frozen pipes. .Below are some plumbing maintenance tips to prepare for winter. If you have any questions call Optimized Plumbing & Piping at 209-743-9821, we are a Sonora plumbing service and can schedule an appointment to take care of all your plumbing needs.

1) Insulate valves including backflow  preventers, pressure reducing valves, shut off valves, and hose bibs.

2) Insulate any exposed pipes. If pipes are exposed to very cold temperatures insulation may not be enoug. You may need to relocate pipes to be in a wall with insulation, or underground.

3) Make sure any old valve boxes you have are water proof, and have insulation. If they are not water proof the insulation loses it effectiveness very quickly when soaked in water. This could result in frozen pipes, or valves.

4) Drain your water heater to flush out sediment. (This is not necessarily something to do in the fall but if your on a plumbing kick it probably needs to be done so why not do it now) Read about the benefits of flushing your water heater in our past blog on water heater repair and maintenance.

5) Check for a good shutoff valve in case a plumbing emergency occurs.

Call Optimized Plumbing & Piping today at 209-743-9821 to have Plumbesr in Sonora CA check over your plumbing system before winter gets here. We service the areas of Sonora, Angels Camp, Copperopolis, Groveland, Twain Harte, San Andreas, Jackson, Modesto, and Merced.