Optimized Plumbing & Piping, HVAC can provide a skilled and trained workforce for your project. Here is a sample of projects from the past 10 years… 2013 to 2023

  • Fallon House: Theatre, ice cream parlor, hotel at Columbia State Historic Park. Re-pipe water lines, add fixtures, replace/rebuild historic fixtures, add water heater
  • Tierra Del Sol: Federally funded low income housing tract in Stockton CA
  • Tuolumne County Facilities Senior Center: Replace all ABS waste lines with cast iron.
  • Cal Fire Baseline Camp:  Remove existing 120-gallon tank water heaters and replace with common vented banks Navien tankless water heaters. Three banks of three (9 total).
  • Tuolumne County Facilities: Install new expansion tanks, 3″ galvanized water main, sand seperator and VFD for well pump for county sports complex – Standard Park.
  • Cal Fire Columbia Helitack: Remove existing water heating and replace with 2 common vented Navien tankless water heaters.
  • Cal Fire Standard: Replace water heater, gas line repair
  • Cal Fire San Andreas:  Replace bathroom fixtures, make repairs
  • United States Forest Service / Bear Valley: Remove well site – Piping from well head to underground.
  • United States Forest Service / Cherry Valley: Remote wellsite – piping from well head to underground, gas line, underground water repairs, replace water meter
  • United States Forest Service / Cotton Wood: Remote wellsite – piping from well head to underground.
  • United States Forest Service: Utica/ Union: remote well site, piping from well head to underground with 500 gallon expansion tank
  • Cal fire Columbia Helitack: Replace 6″ and 8″ reduced pressure backflow preventers.
  • Cal Fire Baseline: Generator for gas line – backup power for water treatment plant.
  • Tuolumne County Facilities:  Columbia pool heaters and gas line.
  • Tuolumne County Facilities:  Hydronic/heating / cooling system rooftop unit deteriorated, pipe replacement. 
Water line replacement project
Tuolumne county facilities Groveland senior center waste line replacement completed in 2023

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