Water heater problems

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To continue the post from yesterday we will describe some more problems with water heaters and the possible causes for these problems. Optimized Plumbing & Piping  can easily schedule water heater repair or maintenance work by calling 209-352-4294. Remember the best time to fix a small water heater problem is while it is still a small water heater problem. Many times the first sign people see of a water heater problem is water that has come out of the water heater and is now leaking onto their floor, or even creating a small flood in their house. Also remember that these tips are not needed on tankless water heaters, or instant water heaters. Call Optimized Plumbing & Piping to schedule an appointment to install a tankless water heater, or instant water heater and find the benefits of each. Many more options are available if the installation is scheduled before your old water heater goes out.

Water heater problem #3

“Why does my hot water smell?” Bacteria can thrive in the warmth inside your water heater. These bacteria can cause a sulfer/ rotten egg smell. This is made worse by hard water, or not using the water heater for extended periods. The most important thing to do to treat this problem is to remove the sediment because that is where most of the bacteria lives. You can also switch your anode rod to a zinc or aluminum anode rod. These will react less and will cause less bacteria growth. The last tip is to put hydrogen peroxide into the tank so that it is a mild 3% solution. This will kill the bacteria.

Water heater problem #4

“Why does my water heater make less water than it used to?” If you have removed the sediment from your water heater, the gas burner works, or your heating elements work then it is time to check for a broken dip tube. If a dip tube is broken  the cold water supply will not go to the bottom of the water heater like it is supposed to. It will lower the temperature of the water at the top of the tank where the hot water outlet is, and this will give you less hot water, as well as water that is not as hot.

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