• Up to 4X more efficient
  • 30% federal tax credit up to $ 2,000
  • Up to an additional $3,100 in rebates 
  • Can pay off in 5 years or less 
  • Available in larger sizes so you don’t run out of hot water
  • 50, 65, and 80-gallon capacities for large size homes and businesses
  • Ask about getting on our contact list for upcoming additional rebates!
  • Peace of mind- Water heaters are one of the most neglected appliances in most homes, and most people don’t think about them until they stop making hot water that they depend on every day, or start leaking and cause damage. Switching out an old water heater before its an emergency saves money and gives you more options.
  • Most hybrid electric water heaters come with a 10 year warranty compared to 6 years for most tank type water heaters.
  • A great way to utilize solar. If you have solar or are planning on getting solar panels an electric heat pump is a great way to utilize the energy your panels create.
  • Hybrid electric water heaters are a great choice for water heater replacement instead of making a water heater repair in an existing unit because the payback time is so quick. 
  • Payback estimates are normally around 5 years but with other rebates can be much quicker, making electric hybrid water heaters one of the best investments for home energy reduction

Ask us about manufacturer’s rebates and federal tax credits!

** Lower than market financing available **

Hybrid hot water heater
A Hybrid Water Heater is a great way to utilize free solar energy.